Resilient Parents Raise Resilient Kids

We empower working parents with the necessary tools to help their kids thrive. Their kids may struggle with mental health issues (ADHD, anxiety, substance use, etc.), or they may not have any of those issues and just want to be proactive about helping their kids develop healthy, strong characters.

We help parents help their kids thrive

  • Parents are more stressed than ever as a result of the pandemic
  • They play multiple roles, oftentimes while working from home
  • On top of that, 50% of all mental health diagnoses develop by age 14. This puts even more pressure on working parents, to manage themselves and their families.

How We Help

1) Live Group Coaching

Live groups for you to get your questions answered and to build community.

2) Expert-Driven Digital Content

Video-based content that trains you in a wide array of parenting needs.

3) Weekly Q&A Digest

Sometimes parents don’t feel comfortable asking questions live in group. We’re here for anonymous questions as well. Based on extensive member feedback, we’ve decided to start a weekly q&a digest. We send a weekly email with answers and resources to the questions we received the week prior. This gives parents an opportunity to quickly submit questions when they’re on their mind; whether it’s right after their child’s school day or at 3AM.

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